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  • Word Crush is a difficult game that involves connecting words. As you complete each obstacle, the game will reveal hidden themes. Themes add to the fun of the game and they range from the kitchen to the beach. As you complete a round, these themes will change the atmosphere of the game. It's an engaging game that requires your attention as you have to keep the letters from falling off the board while trying to complete the correct words. This game is compatible with iOS and Android and is available for free with in-app purchases. Main function - Easy to play! Just swipe and connect letters to find word unscrambler in anagrams. - Enjoy a classic word puzzle. The letter blocks cascade when you guess correctly! - Challenge others as well as yourself - compete over overlapping letter stacks to become the top vocabulary master! - Beautiful natural images at each level, gently taking you to another world. - Play offline anytime, anywhere without WIFI! - Entertain your friends, peers and family with this amazing new game. Guessing words together is just as fun as playing it yourself! - Challenge your brain and vocabulary. This crossword puzzle starts out easy and quickly becomes challenging! Word Crush is a word search game where you connect, swipe and collect words from letter blocks across thousands of fun themes. A word search and word matching puzzle game for everyone, there are many free and engaging themes, jokes, riddles and puzzles in this word matching game genre and puzzles New puzzles to find and connect words will be updated every day! Word Crush is definitely an easy and convenient way to exercise your mind. Not to mention the beautiful natural paintings in the background create a relaxing atmosphere and help you build peace of mind along the way.
  • 2023-11-25 09:21