Best free ways for increasing Facebook likes

nicolos | 2017-03-06 15:24:57

One of the key measures of Facebook success is the number of likes you get on your page, posts and status updates. Whether you're just trying to get more likes on your personal statuses, or attempting to promote your business online. So, I will share you some guides that will help you to successfully navigate the finicky world of Facebook likes.

1.Set goals

Setting goals for how many new likes you want to gain on Facebook will give you something to measure your progress with. This will help you better understand what’s working and what isn’t—and where to continue investing time and resources into your Facebook strategy.

2. Improve your Page

For many people, Facebook will be the first place they go to find your business online. This means that your Facebook Page, much like your website, can represent the front door to your business online for both current and potential customers.

3. Increase the visibility of your Page

This is a simple concept that deserves repeating: you won’t have much luck getting more likes on Facebook if people can’t find your Page.

4. Create better content

Determine which of your Page posts show up in people’s News Feeds is designed to give people what they want—and what they don’t want.

5. Be responsive and human

If you want more people to like your Facebook Page, you better be taking care of the ones who already do. Reply to any and all comments, whether they’ve been left on your posts or directly on your Page.